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21 March

When it comes to keeping little hands occupied, the latest must-have is a Pop Fidget toy. The toy became popular after it went viral on a TikTok video. Pop fidget toys are like reusable bubble wrap made out of silicone. The idea is for kids to press “bubbles” to hear a slight popping sound, and when all of the bubbles have been “popped,” they may flip the toy over and begin again.

Experts say that fidget toys might help kids focus, particularly those with attention-deficit disorder (ADD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism concentration. Researchers found fidget toys to have good impacts in a recent case study. The result from the study showed that pupils who used fidget toys improved their academic performance by 10%. These toys help because fidgeting causes the mind to stay steady and focused. Here is a couple of pop fidget toys from best-selling brands that have been tested and have proven to be perfect for your child.

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12 November

In the last few years, mental health applications, especially wearables, have become more popular to treat anxiety and depression. Science has made it possible for men who struggle with their mental health to have constant help in the form of wearables that help restore their much-needed balance. 

These mental health wearables also help gather data in a non-invasive way that provides information that can be used to treat with these disorders more effectively. And while none of these wearable devices are a cure-all, they can be an effective assist for a guy who is already working with a mental health professional. 

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01 October

We all have that famous or shiny person who we look up to, right? And hearing them speak about some of their challenges and struggles which are like ours, somehow makes us feel better.

Anxiety is a persistent form of worry, even fear.  It’s a condition that can affect not only older individuals, but young people too. In children, it can come in the form of anger, irritability, even isolation, which in some cases might disrupt school, home, or play activities.

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30 July

At some point in our life most of us guys will experience and face anxiety in some form: wanting to make a good first impression at a new job, nervously coming back to the gym after a break, discomfort around dating — it happens to every man. Anxiety is more distinct than being a little stressed, though. It is a deep feeling of helplessness and worry that interferes or sabotages your daily routine and possibly your health. Anxiety is known to induce panic attacks, insomnia, and absentmindedness.

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17 June

Understanding How Comparison And Relevance Sabotage Our Mental Health

Every guy experiences anxiety and yet many men have no idea what anxiety feels like. Women tend to seek medical help for it more often than men, but this doesn’t mean men aren’t dealing with it on a daily basis.

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21 May

Podcasts have recently taken the world by storm, with nearly every subject having a dedicated podcast! So it’s only natural that there are many podcasts out there wholly dedicated to mental health.

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18 February

Here at The Men’s List we’re striving to be one of the trusted destinations for men looking for help and the therapists and mental health professionals who offer it. With that in mind, we’re kicking off a new feature to the site where we select 5 books that we feel can really make a great impact on anyone’s life—especially a man looking to better himself, get focused on his mental health, and live a balanced, healthier life. The books we’ve selected this week can act as a roadmap to better living in all ways. We applaud the experts who wrote these guides and give our highest recommendations to anyone interested in reading them.

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13 December

NBA Star Kevin Love And Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

Anyone can develop depression, but when that person is a celebrity he often chooses to share the battle publicly in hopes of helping other people. Kevin Love, five-time All-Star and NBA championship member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is a great example of this. Love’s experience with depression affected him for the first nine years of his NBA career and it wasn’t until a panic attack that drove him to therapy that he realized he was dealing with a mental illness.

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25 May

Views This Month: 4 How Men Can Better Handle Anxiety As many as 40 million adults in the U.S. suffer from some kind of mental illness. That’s a massive 18 percent of the population. Those suffering from anxiety disorders are six times more likely to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than those without disorders and […]

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