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06 December

We all know how it goes. You spend the night in bed sleeping, maybe nothing too deep, maybe you wake up once or twice nothing too unusual, but you aren’t any more rested in the morning, so you end up in an energy chase throughout the day only to wash, rinse, repeat the same cycle again. Well, just because you slept, doesn’t mean you’ve rested or even restored your brain. How could you possibly know if you’ve slept well, even slept efficiently on a daily basis? Enter the WHOOP.

WHOOP is a wearable, taking the form of a screen-less bracelet.

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12 October

Perhaps at this stage in your life you may think sleep is something we all do naturally, but have you ever asked yourself why do we need to sleep? For how long? And how important is it for our health? There is now a growing scientific exploration into these questions by sleep researchers and bioengineering companies looking to improve the overall quality of everyone’s sleep. The bottom line is this: we all NEED good quality and optimal duration of sleep to function properly and at our highest potential, both mentally and physically.

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