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18 April

Intimate relationships are a vital part of our lives, and they require effort and commitment to maintain. While sharing love and connection with your partner is essential, it is also essential to maintain healthy boundaries. Setting boundaries can be challenging for many people, especially for men, and especially if we’re new to the idea or practice of identifying our needs and speaking about them. However, they are necessary to create a healthy relationship where both partners can feel respected, valued, and secure. In this article, we will discuss how men can set and maintain boundaries in intimate relationships.

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27 May

It’s no secret that phone use can be a major source of contention in relationships. If you’re someone who is constantly on your phone, or if you tend to be glued to social media, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s happening in the real world around you. And, unfortunately, that can spell trouble for your relationship.

If you’re not careful, your phone use can easily become a source of conflict in your relationship. It can be tempting, even addictive to tune out your partner in favor of your phone, but that’s not fair to them.

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27 October

This week’s Ask An Expert features Relationship Coach Matt Hilliard-Forde and three questions from our viewers.

1. How do I get out of a toxic relationship?

Relationships can have a gravitational pull on us, and it can be a struggle to leave the orbit of a toxic one. When I was struggling to leave a toxic relationship, I found it really helpful to write a list of all the benefits of leaving. Think about all areas of your life – health, finances, family, friends, career, spiritual. Come up with at least 20 benefits – with this relationship behind you, what will your life look like, how will you feel, what will you have time for?

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15 October

Relationships are great right? Having someone who’s there for us is priceless. But, relationships also require effort, intention, and a lot of self work from both partners- but it’s doable and worth it.

A recent survey from online dating portal EHarmony showed that 64% of Americans are very happy in their relationship.  An indication that all of the hard work is certainly worthy in order to enjoy the satisfaction from a healthy relationship.

The constant excitement, longing for each other, navigating your respective wants and needs,  the occasional fights, and then making up – all make romantic relationships a bumpy yet pleasurable ride.

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15 October

Your partner says they feel taken for granted by you.

Do you:

A. Rush to apologize so they feel better
B. Tell them all the reasons why they shouldn’t feel that way?


C. Get curious about the reason why?

I used to select options A and B. I would rush to give my partner all the reasons why they shouldn’t feel taken for granted, all the things I do for them, for us, for the relationship.

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27 September

Have you ever had that frustrating experience where your woman comes to you with a situation, a problem. You can see the solution clear as day. But when you present the solution she gets mad? It’s so frustrating!

Why isn’t it valued and appreciated by her?

Because in this moment she wants to be seen and heard. She wants to be connected with in her experience. It requires a very different approach than problem solving, one that is so alien to many men you might not even know what I’m talking about.

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01 May

by David Jurasek

Which one are you…?

If I were to ask you, “Hey man, how are you showing up in your intimate relationship?”

Would you know how to answer? And would your partner agree with how you see yourself?

Many of my closest, most articulate and self-aware male friends fumble around with this question. As did I, until I started to see clear patterns (which this article aspires to highlight).

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06 March

This week The Men’s List reached out to two men, Australian Fitness Trainer and Social Influencer and Nathan McCallum and Toronto therapist, author, and Men’s List Member David Jurasek to ask each of them three questions about men and relationships. Each man brings a unique perspective to the discussion on what is the most influential work a man can do in his life – develop and growing intimate relationships.

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05 July

Views This Month: 6 While the relationship between men and women has always been tricky to navigate, the modern world has not improved the relationship between the sexes. In today’s reality, men are expected to do more than ever in a relationship for things to work out and for men to reap the benefits of […]

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