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Gabriel Keczan Verified

Founder, Alive On Purpose for Men

I get powerful outcomes for the men I work with.

Life is messy and can move too fast.  I help my clients slow down to get CLARITY on their inner purpose & calling so they can make powerful choices & take leadership in their lives.

The life you desire, the fierce & tender love & the regenerative purpose-aligned business you need to thrive.

As a purpose guide, a somatic therapist & depth coach I help you go deep so you can clear the unconscious blocks and get unstuck so you can achieve the goals you desire.

I also work with the art of relationship alchemy for helping you striking the right balance in love, sex, family & career.

I am the founder of Alive On Purpose transformational coaching & healing program for men and the author of the eBook Alive On Purpose: 4 Keys for Men to Thrive in Life, Love & Business.

What brings me alive is helping you reach your full potential, walk in beauty & create the freedom you desire.

Relational Somatic Counselling includes a powerful trauma resolution toolkit with a focus on presence and embodiment.

I alchemize the process of embodying the sacred masculine in you for personal healing, purpose alignment, personal freedom & transformation.

I offer straight talk, deep listening & wholeheartedness.

What’s holding you back?

Download my free eBook Alive On Purpose here. 

Or schedule a Clarity Call with me on your purpose.