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As a Certified Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach, my mission is to help you steal back your life from belief systems and predetermined paths that don’t serve you. Steal back control and live authentically as who you are, what you believe, and value. In a time of social distancing and uncertainty, it’s essential to maintain positive mental health, practice resilience, and seek opportunity. I’d like to help you navigate through this.
Life coaching is future-oriented focusing on actionable steps toward where you want to be. Together, we may identify & work on:
– Limiting beliefs & fears
– Strengths & weaknesses
– Values & principles
– Define goals
– Create & execute a strategy
What do you need? Let’s talk and figure it out together.
*Due to coronavirus, I’m offering the first three sessions free with reduced rates/sliding scale, and pro bono.  We can discuss your needs to determine what works best for you. Also, gifts certificates and donations in any amount for loved ones, health care/essential workers, or anyone you feel may benefit are available.*


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  • License and Province::Certified Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach (ACSTH)
  • Accepts Insurance:: No
  • Online Services::Yes
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