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Matthew Marx, LCSW


I am passionately driven to help each client grow and develop into the best versions of themselves.  With a decade of experience in the mental health field and I look forward to helping you discover and develop into your best self as well.


We all experience difficulties, hardships, and distresses in our lives which can leave us feeling like our own essence of power has been ripped from us.  Therapy can take you on a journey of self-discovery to regain that personal empowerment.  I can help facilitate that growth through a variety of clinical techniques.


I have worked in a variety of agency and facility settings. In every setting I have facilitated growth, healing, and positive outcomes.


The principles I use to build up my clients as they achieve their goals are validation, action, and truth.  Effective change, understanding motivations, and empowerment come from working with a clinician that can utilize tools that help you build a better future.  This is the key that as a clinician I help you with on your journey to maximize your growth.


Throughout my career, my experience has shown that a key to successful therapy is to quickly assess and identify needs.  Working together with the individual, I can then assist in developing a solid plan for treatment execution which allows for reassessment and adaptations as improvement is made and goals are realized.

About Me:

As a lifelong resident of Las Vegas, I have seen firsthand the growth that has come to our community.  In the same way a vast sprawling city has developed out of the desert, we too can grow, develop, and become a bright beacon to others.  My skills have been dedicated to building others and improving their future with a greater understanding of self.