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18 December

“Today, I can say whole heartedly that I love the man I am becoming, and I know that I can conquer anything I set my mind to.”

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11 December

A man with a personality disorder deviates from the expectations of their culture’s norms. Antisocial personality disorder, one of the specific disorders under the umbrella of personality disorders, describes behavior that consistently disregards and/or violates the rights of other people.

Symptoms of this disorder tend to arise during adolescence or early adulthood and severely affect interpersonal relationships. Men are affected more often than women with an antisocial personality disorder.

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04 December

Mental illness can affect anyone from any walk of life, regardless of gender, age, income, or any other factor. However, some disorders tend to affect men at a higher incidence rate than women.

According to the American Psychological Association and based on what we at The Men’s List hear about men and women experiencing mental health issues, these three disorders affect more men than women.

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20 November

There is no magic formula for achieving optimal athletic success. However, there are tools available that help athletes improve their performance and better master their sport. Sports psychologists are one such tool.

One of the questions athletes ask about sports psychology is “when is it appropriate to seek psychological support related to sports?” Essentially, how do athletes know when the challenges they face are psychological?

Some things that indicate sports psychology could be of value include:

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06 November

Breadcrumbing – What Is It? And how Do You Know You’ve Been a Victim of Someone Doing It to You?

Breadcrumbing is a modern dating trend and if you aren’t sure what it is, you aren’t alone.

Breadcrumbing occurs when someone has no intention of taking a relationship further, but they signal that they are because they like attention. They’re essentially dropping metaphorical “breadcrumbs” to their suitor, but they fully intend to stay single.

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22 October

Gaslighting is something that can damage a relationship beyond repair. It occurs when one person in a relationship says or does something that causes their partner to question their memories, thoughts, or events that occurred. It’s abusive and in its most extreme forms, causes the gaslighted victim to question their understanding of reality, what and who to trust and even their sanity.

Chances are someone has attempted to gaslight you at some point or another. Maybe an ex did it or maybe you experienced a co-worker or friend denying something that you know happened or that they did. It’s a common experience, but it’s especially damaging when it’s ongoing or chronic in an intimate relationship.

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08 October

For years people active in the dating world have found ways to leave relationships that no longer interested them. From having a friend break up with someone on your behalf to saying “It’s not you, it’s me,” there are endless ways to sever ties when you’re no longer into someone.

The latest method of ending a relationship or potential relationship?


Ghosting is the sudden discontinuation of contact with someone with the goal being to end the relationship without saying “I want to end this relationship.”

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18 September

Has Gaming Become a Problem?

As the saying goes, “too much of a good thing isn’t so good anymore.”

This is true for all vices, including gaming. Playing video games is fun, it’s a good way to let off steam and tune out from day-to-day stress for a while, and there are even proven cognitive benefits. But spending too much time playing video games puts you at risk of developing an addiction.

The concern is so great the World Health Organization (WHO) recently added gaming addiction to its list of official health concerns. And the organization isn’t the only one concerned about too much gaming.

Recently, radio talk show host Joe Rogan discussed his problems with gaming and cited his gaming addiction as the reason he struggles to behave like a responsible adult.

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11 September

By Michelle Travis

It’s no secret that parents are struggling during the pandemic. While many working moms have been hit the hardest, working dads have reported increased stress as well. Eleven percent of men are experiencing severe anxiety and a third of men are suffering from sleep issues. Working dads are also feeling new levels of guilt while being stretched between work and increased family demands. Some dads are also grappling with economic hardship and insecurity from a job loss.

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04 September

The COVID-19 pandemic created endless challenges for families around the world. One such challenge is how parents can share childcare with their partners and balance their work responsibilities, their parenting responsibilities, and everything else on their plates. Fathering during the pandemic might look different than it did a few months ago, but that doesn’t mean […]

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