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23 July

The good things. The bad things. The weird and wonderful things. Whatever it may be, topics of sex and sexuality are fatally underdiscussed by most guys. For many years of our lives, sex and our understanding of ourselves as sexual beings seems to hold a mysterious, vaulted nature until that split second when we’re suddenly supposed to be experienced, know who we are and what we want.

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09 July

Its hard to over state how plentiful pornography has become, to basically the point of being synonymous with the internet itself.  And despite sex positivity, couples’ co-viewing, even pro-masturbation advocacy, for some of us our porn viewing has tipped into a strong compulsion if not an addiction.

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02 July

You’re not alone if you dread the thought of getting up in front of a crowd to perform. The pressure on men to be seen as great performers can be daunting to some. Performance anxiety is a reaction that affects millions of men worldwide.

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24 June

So you work all day, come home and relax or vegetate until the wee hours, then go to bed,  and when you wake up rather than feel restored –  you’re sleep deprived. It sounds bad when you say it like that, but nothing a little caffeine can’t fix, right?

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17 June

Understanding How Comparison And Relevance Sabotage Our Mental Health

Every guy experiences anxiety and yet many men have no idea what anxiety feels like. Women tend to seek medical help for it more often than men, but this doesn’t mean men aren’t dealing with it on a daily basis.

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11 June

By Jack Zammit – Podcast/Tech Reviewer

In this wonderful (read: terrible) pandemic world we live in, we find ourselves hibernating, even languishing in our homes and dwellings, going outside for maybe a walk or masked mission to pick up groceries, with our jobs and schooling tied to our computers.

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04 June

by Sydney Thib
Body image is often seen as an issue that solely affects women, with an entire global movement devoted to female body positivity.

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28 May

Social media platforms —with pressure to look picture-perfect and doing all the right things— can be a negative space sometimes. With this, will you think to find specks of positivity?

Your answer, probably, would be a “NO.”

But like everything, social media, too, has its pros and cons.

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21 May

Podcasts have recently taken the world by storm, with nearly every subject having a dedicated podcast! So it’s only natural that there are many podcasts out there wholly dedicated to mental health.

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14 May

Discussions of PTSD aside, most men find it hard to talk about their inner feelings. This is not about those who have suffered terribly in conflict: this is about regular guys who suffer from depression and mental health issues.

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