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06 May

Men in the United States consume more calories than they need daily: according to the CDC, men consume about 2,475 calories daily. With that in mind, you would think men also get sufficient vitamins and supplements to maintain good health.

The body naturally requires a wide range of nutrients in the right balance to function properly. But everyone is different, and men have unique nutritional needs for optimal health and wellness. Supplements help fill up the gaps in your diet. You can think of supplements as band-aids for a poor diet. They don’t substitute natural nutrients; instead, they increase the nutrition of a healthy diet.

Supplements aren’t as regulated as foods and drugs, so The Men’s List has curated a list of supplements based on research-based efficacy and safety. Here are some supplements that will make you feel good from the inside out.

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15 April

As with mindfulness, meditation and breathwork, essential oils are great to try when feeling anxious, restless or down. Why? Scents bypass our brain and directly trigger memory and behaviour responses in us. Our sense of smell is the only sense that acts this way, all other senses are interpreted first by the brain.

A recent study shows that smell catalyzes up to 75% of our daily mood. That means we can deliberately use smells that are linked to positive personal memories to boost our mood.

Remember the scene from the movie Ratatouille, when one bite takes food critic antagonist Anton Ego right back to a special memory of childhood? Ever walked into an open house, where the realtor has cookies baking in the oven? These are examples of using scents to affect our mood, mental state and behaviour. We can take control and deliberately use scents to optimize our mental and emotional state.

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12 April

Have you ever had to pick a blanket and found yourself struggling to choose between cozy or functional blankets? Well, you’re in luck because weighted blankets are the solution to your dilemma. They are not only comfy but functional too.

As the name implies, weighted blankets provide the right amount of extra weight on your body to mimic light hands-on pressure that can help calm you—and your nervous system—down.
It’s a proven therapeutic technique called “Pressure Therapy.”

The Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket

Imagine being held or lovingly hugged to sleep. It sounds like a nice way to end your day, right? That’s how deep pressure stimulation calms the nervous system. The only difference is that with weighted blankets, the pressure comes from wrapping the blanket around the body rather than the pressure being applied by another person.

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08 April

Did you know that in the United States, 2 out of 5 adults report insomnia symptoms every year? Insomnia occurs when a person has issues falling asleep or staying asleep. If you’ve ever had a period of days or weeks of interrupted, or disrupted sleep, you can relate to the sleepiness, slowed thinking, or other impairments people with insomnia face during the day after a night of little or no sleep.

Insomnia is tightly knit with sleep deprivation, and the result can have a deep impact on your physical and mental health. Sleep aids, along with sleep diagnostics have become the “go-to” for dealing with insomnia. These can include sleep study clinics, prescription medications, over-the-counter medicine (OTC), and natural or dietary supplements that can help you achieve the rest you need and aid you in bringing your sleep regimen back into a healthier zone.

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28 March

Grief is a natural response to any type of loss, including romantic breakups. It can be especially difficult when you lose a significant other, even if that person is alive and well.

It’s common to hear people say that breaking up is like dying.

And in some ways, it is.

Like death, a relationship breakup can be sudden and unexpected. Or it can come after a long period of decline, much like a terminal illness. Either way, it can bring on intense feelings of sadness, loss, and grief.

According to Adam Borland, PsyD, “Both experiences may create feelings of shock. You may feel a sense of disbelief immediately afterward. You are likely to feel a range of emotions — fear, anger, confusion and loneliness. Plans and goals you thought were set in stone may become uncertain, which can create anxiety.

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21 March

When it comes to keeping little hands occupied, the latest must-have is a Pop Fidget toy. The toy became popular after it went viral on a TikTok video. Pop fidget toys are like reusable bubble wrap made out of silicone. The idea is for kids to press “bubbles” to hear a slight popping sound, and when all of the bubbles have been “popped,” they may flip the toy over and begin again.

Experts say that fidget toys might help kids focus, particularly those with attention-deficit disorder (ADD), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism concentration. Researchers found fidget toys to have good impacts in a recent case study. The result from the study showed that pupils who used fidget toys improved their academic performance by 10%. These toys help because fidgeting causes the mind to stay steady and focused. Here is a couple of pop fidget toys from best-selling brands that have been tested and have proven to be perfect for your child.

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09 December

Few things affect a man’s confidence level as severely as erectile dysfunction. No matter how aware a man might be that occasional struggles with ED are common, it’s still a tough thing to overcome. Getting your confidence back after an ongoing problem with ED is especially challenging, but it’s not impossible

If you or your partner has had a bout of erectile dysfunction, what do you need to know about repairing your confidence?

First, it’s important to understand that ED is often connected to anxiety. Feeling anxious can cause problems and those problems can cause someone to experience even more anxiety. It creates a vicious cycle that feeds off of itself and erodes confidence.

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19 November

It’s a common issue in relationships. One person wants to have sex more frequently than the other. To enjoy a healthy, happy relationship that’s fulfilling for both partners, each must communicate about their desires and find balance. 

It’s also important to realize that in long-term relationships sexual desire will ebb and flow. Learning to navigate the ups and downs of your sex drive and finding sync with your partner is one of the keys to a happy, fulfilling romantic relationship.

Sex Drive Variations Are Common in Relationships

Popular culture would have everyone believe that relationships are only good when both partners are in perfect sync sexually.

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12 November

In the last few years, mental health applications, especially wearables, have become more popular to treat anxiety and depression. Science has made it possible for men who struggle with their mental health to have constant help in the form of wearables that help restore their much-needed balance. 

These mental health wearables also help gather data in a non-invasive way that provides information that can be used to treat with these disorders more effectively. And while none of these wearable devices are a cure-all, they can be an effective assist for a guy who is already working with a mental health professional. 

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29 October

Impotency and erectile dysfunction are often considered a problem as men age, but the truth is it can happen at any time. Many factors contribute to a man’s ability to perform sexually. Many of them are associated with physical issues, but mental and emotional well-being also play an important role.

If you or your partner has struggled with erectile dysfunction, it’s important to address all of the potential causes. Once a physical issue is treated or ruled out, dealing with the emotional issues linked to ED is an essential part of creating a healthy sex life. 

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