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06 September

Editor’s note: I met Harris Rosen when both of us were deeply involved in the music business; me for BMG Music, and Harris the owner and editor of a monthly magazine showcasing the best of Rap and Hip Hop as this was exploding in the early 90’s.

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30 August

Bill Bell is a Canadian guitarist based in Toronto who has toured with Jason Mraz and Tom Cochrane.

A few years ago, a 51-year-old Bill Bell found himself in a crisis: the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, which he had embraced since his teens and the excesses which were readily available – alcohol, drugs, sex – suddenly caught up with him and he suffered a nervous breakdown.

“I literally lay on the floor for two months in the dark and basically sold most of my guitars to pay the rent,” Bell remembers. “It felt like my brain just flipped. I wasn’t in control anymore. I started shaking.”

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23 August

Talking the Talk With Your Partner

Relationships require a tremendous amount of work and have challenges, both large and small. There’s a massive amount of stumbling blocks and stressors that can put a strain on an intimate relationship, many of which can be worked out with proper communication with your partner.

Some issues, however, can be tough to address, but allowing them to fester or build tension can lead to either of you developing poor habits and doing serious damage to the overall longevity of your relationship.

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16 August

Grief is a tricky, complicated process that is as deeply personal as it is difficult and non-linear in nature. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, loss of a job or friendship or even the end of a relationship, everyone is bound to experience grief in some way, shape or form.

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09 August

One of the most overlooked and misunderstood addictions out there is gambling addiction. Whether it be lottery tickets, scratch offs, trips to the casino, internet poker or sports betting, gambling has the potential to destroy someone’s life if they’re not careful. Problem gambling is a common issue that many have to deal with. Statistically, three […]

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02 August

While anger is undoubtedly a completely normal, understandable emotion to feel, especially today in a world which seems full of frustrations and annoyances, it’s important to not let your anger rule your behaviour. Without effective knowledge and management of your anger, you can easily find yourself doing serious damage to your personal, professional and overall […]

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26 July

Becoming A Father “Any guy can make a baby – only some men really want to be fathers.” Comment from a man in mens’ group Being a new parent can be difficult. Studies have linked parent-child attachments to an infant’s future mental stability, memory and emotional development, making attachment theory one of the most essential […]

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19 July

There are very few people on the planet who can honestly say they have nothing about their life they wish were better. Whether it’s stress at work or in their personal lives, being in an unsatisfying relationship or even just looking for better work-life balance, everyone has, at some point wanted to improve some aspect […]

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12 July

Millions of people around the globe are impacted by some sort of mental illness. In the United States, due to the lessening of social stigma around mental illness and better access to a more diversified spectrum of professionals for some social groups, the number of American of all ages visiting therapists has been on the […]

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05 July

While the relationship between men and women has always been tricky to navigate, the modern world has not improved the relationship between the sexes. In today’s reality, men are expected to do more than ever in a relationship for things to work out and for men to reap the benefits of true partnership. Often times, […]

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