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28 November

There is no denying that Ron Ellis is one of the greatest Toronto Maple Leafs to ever don the uniform.

The stats speak for themselves: a four-time NHL all-star with one Stanley Cup to his credit; one of five players to clock in more than 1000 games with the team; their number four all-time scorer with 332 goals; 11th in assists with 640; 6th in points with 640, a member of the 1972 Summit Series national team against Russia and on the roster of the Canadian team for the 1977 Ice Hockey World Championships.

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22 November

By Nick Krewen

Movember has expanded its horizons.

Once known strictly as a program to promote prostate cancer screening for men – most notably by engaging men into growing moustaches to raise funds and awareness in the month of November, hence the name “Movember” – the Australian-founded non-profit has broadened its mandate into the gender-specific areas of testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention in terms of helping men leading healthier lives.

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08 November

By Nick Krewen

Hugh Dillon was once imprisoned by his vices.

Labelling himself a “garden variety alcoholic/addict,” you can hear every ounce of pain, anguish and experience that the darker side of life afforded him on PeopleSkills, the relentless new rock album by Headstones, of which Dillon is the singer and lyricist.

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25 October

The Internet has enabled pornography addiction to not only proliferate but reach and ensnare younger boys in its trap. Boys as young as ten are being treated for pornography addiction as well as grown and famous men like Terry Crews, David Duchovny, John Mayer, Chris Rock, Charlie Sheen, Kanye West and Tiger Woods – all have admitted and/or been treated for pornography addiction. It’s an easy drift net to be caught up in and a difficult cycle to get out of in an increasingly sexualized, and wired society.

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18 October

Countless men and boys have been victims of childhood abuse at the hands of authority figures. It took almost 20 years to discover and convict an equipment manager of abusing 18 teenage boys at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto’s “Cathedral of Hockey.” Trusted clerics and public schoolteachers have been accused and/or convicted of sexual abuse of […]

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11 October

By Rick Fortier
I lived in denial for over two decades. Then, I procrastinated for another ten years. Yeah, I’ll get around to it tomorrow, or next week. No worries, I got this.

Or, so I told myself.

It wasn’t until the life that I had created was tumbling out of control that I began to realize that I was in serious trouble.

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04 October

There’s a thickness to life many men try to ignore or plow through. They’ll feel stuck at work, in relationships, with health problems and/or risky behaviours.

Being stuck describes a stage where you feel trapped. It’s not that you cannot move, but that you’ve convinced yourself you have nowhere to go…

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27 September

Men know and understand there is a continuing gender-based wage gap. But men at work are also feeling a self-esteem gap which isn’t shared to the same degree by women. Men have been conditioned for ages to be hunters, gatherers and breadwinners. Not every man has done a particularly good job in those roles, but those expectations have shaped their sense of self-worth — with risks attached.

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20 September

When John Cody attended Bell High School in Ottawa and enrolled in music, the last thing he expected was to be sexually assaulted.

But after a few years of unsolicited innuendo and inappropriate advances, assaulted he was – at the age of 15 by his music teacher, Bob Clarke.

And then Cody discovered something even more shocking: not only had another family member been similarly assaulted by Clarke, but there were at least eight others – all of whom, in a Federal Court, Clarke pled guilty to abusing – and was sentenced in March 2018 to two years in federal prison. He pled guilty to two further counts of gross indecency towards two more students on March 1, 2019, bringing the total of identified victims to 10.

“It was shocking how deep this went,” said Cody.

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13 September

“In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” — C. S. Lewis Among many other things, […]

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